Transforming Formatech's Sales with an Innovative E-commerce Solution by Pixel38

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Formatech, a local business that offered a wide range of educational sessions and subjects, faced a significant challenge in increasing sales due to its outdated system that lacked online selling options and was not user-friendly. They turned to Pixel38, a leading technology company specializing in web development and integration, to help them revamp their system and drive more sales.

Pixel38 worked closely with Formatech to develop wireframes and a sitemap to understand their needs and requirements. Pixel38 then built a new website that showcased Formatech's products and services in an attractive and user-friendly manner. To enhance the website's functionality, Pixel38 integrated APIs to connect it with Formatech's 20-year-old system, allowing the website to fetch all the necessary information and display it in an organized and seamless flow. The new e-commerce website allowed customers to register, buy sessions online, and schedule them with ease.

Pixel38 also implemented a full notification and email system that kept customers informed about their purchases and schedules. The website ensured that all transactions were authenticated and synchronized with the platform, providing a hassle-free experience for Formatech's customers. Furthermore, Pixel38 developed a coupon system and advanced SEO strategies to enhance Formatech's marketing efforts and increase its outreach to potential customers.

The new website was designed to be multi-currency and multi-zone, catering to a wide range of customers and providing them with various pricing options. Pixel38's e-commerce solution transformed Formatech's sales and provided them with a significant competitive advantage. The innovative and user-friendly website allowed Formatech to reach new markets and expand its customer base.

The integration of advanced features, such as the coupon system and SEO strategies, helped Formatech drive more traffic to its website and boost its sales revenue. Overall, Pixel38's comprehensive e-commerce solution for Formatech proved to be a game-changer for the business, providing them with a powerful and effective tool to drive sales and grow their business.

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