Building a Lightning-Fast Website with Next.js and SSG

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From theory to practice, Pixel38 is revolutionizing the tech industry. We are a dynamic and innovative digital agency with a mission to help individuals and companies solve problems with design and technology. 15+ years of experience in building technology platforms headquartered in the heart of Beirut while serving in the Middle east, Gulf, and Cyprus.

At Pixel38, we are a full-stack web and mobile development agency dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions across various industries. With expertise in CRM, e-commerce, Internet of Things, blockchain, and more, our mission is to support and empower startups with competitive rates and agile development methodologies. We approach each project as a unique journey, forming strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our team comprises excellent members who are committed to delivering outstanding portal solutions and groundbreaking ideas for your company. We foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment that values innovative thinking and encourages personal growth. By partnering with us, you can expect not only exceptional technical expertise but also a supportive and dedicated team that will accompany you throughout the project. One of our notable achievements is the development of our own website,, utilizing Next.js and Next.js is a powerful React framework that enables the creation of server-side rendered and statically generated web applications. It offers a streamlined workflow and robust development environment, resulting in dynamic and high-performance websites., on the other hand, is a content management system (CMS) and visual page builder designed for non-technical users. With its drag-and-drop interface, it simplifies the process of content creation and management, providing a user-friendly experience. When integrated with Next.js, enhances the content management capabilities, allowing for seamless creation, modification, and customization of digital content without extensive technical work.

By leveraging the combined strengths of Next.js and, we create an optimal development and content management experience. Next.js serves as the foundation, offering server-side rendering, routing, and other powerful features. It enables developers to fetch data from various sources and deliver it to the client-side for rendering dynamic pages.'s Next.js plugin ensures smooth integration of the content created in, resulting in a cohesive and engaging user experience. There are several reasons why utilizing Next.js and is advantageous for new websites. First and foremost, Next.js provides excellent performance optimizations, resulting in faster page loading times. This is crucial in today's digital landscape, where users expect instant access to information. By implementing Next.js and its server-side rendering capabilities, websites can achieve impressive loading speeds, enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally,'s intuitive interface empowers non-technical users to create and manage content efficiently. This eliminates the need for extensive technical assistance or reliance on developers for content updates. With's drag-and-drop functionality, content editors can easily design and customize web pages, ensuring flexibility and keeping the website up-to-date with minimal effort. The combination of Next.js and fosters effective collaboration between developers and content editors. Developers can focus on building the core functionality of the website using Next.js, while content editors can leverage's capabilities to manage and modify content seamlessly. This collaboration streamlines the development process, reduces dependencies, and ultimately results in a highly customizable and engaging web experience.

Pixel38's success story is a testament to our team's expertise, dedication, and innovative approach in delivering exceptional software solutions. Through meticulous planning, collaboration, and the utilization of cutting-edge technologies like Next.js and, we have consistently addressed our clients' challenges and exceeded their expectations. Our commitment to delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service has earned us a reputation as a trusted and reliable software development partner. By choosing Pixel38, you not only transform your operations but also position yourself as a leader in your industry, unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation. In summary, Next.js and offer a powerful solution for building fast, dynamic, and content-rich websites. Next.js provides the development capabilities and performance optimizations, while empowers non-technical users to create and manage content efficiently. Together, they facilitate effective collaboration between developers and content editors, resulting in a streamlined.

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