Abu Dawood - Enhancing Distribution Through Technology: A Look at Abu Dawood and Pixel38's Partnership

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Abu Dawood, a leader in distribution, joined forces with Pixel38, a web and app development agency, to create a portal aimed at improving their distribution process.

This partnership resulted in a solution that enables real-time tracking of deliveries, management of orders with great accuracy, and detailed data analytics on delivery performance. Utilizing technologies like Microsoft Azure, NodeJS, and React, the project concentrated on enhancing operational efficiency and security across Abu Dawood’s distribution network. The collaboration continues to evolve, with both teams working on new features, requirements, and enhancements, signaling a long-term partnership dedicated to innovation and improvement.

Key Developments:

The team utilized Microsoft Azure for a reliable and scalable infrastructure, with Azure AD B2C handling secure authentication. A middleware server ensured safe and authorized access, while NodeJS was chosen for backend development, thanks to its efficiency and productivity in handling complex applications. The portal featured a dynamic dashboard for real-time data and analytics, personalized for each user's role.


This innovative portal has significantly improved Abu Dawood’s operations, enabling detailed tracking of orders, enhanced user management, and secure data access for all stakeholders. It represents a milestone in using technology to streamline distribution processes, setting a new standard in the industry.


Abu Dawood and Pixel8’s collaborative effort showcases the potential of technology to transform the distribution sector, providing a scalable solution that addresses current challenges and anticipates future needs. This venture not only boosted Abu Dawood’s operational efficiency but also positioned the company at the forefront of technological adoption in distribution.

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